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Dr. (Ind.) Vinayak Nair

I have been practicing Clinical Ayurvedic Medicine since 2002 in India and after completion of my masters in 2007 from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences in Bangalore, has been involved additionally in the field of research and teaching Ayurveda.

I started my career with development of a new Ayurveda Department in a Ayurveda Resort in Kerala. This included staff selection, training, website development , nutrition and other operational works.

After completion of the project in 2009 I started my own clinic (Ayurkaya) in Bangalore. And the same year life gave me the opportunity to come to Vienna, Austria. In 2010, I and Ms. Romana Muth started the AYURKAYA Ayurveda Studio in Vienna with facilities for consultation, massage, Ayurveda treatments and Ambulant Panchakarma treatments.

Following this we made a cooperation with Cottage Apoteke, Vienna, to bring herbs and make possibility of creating condition specific herbal combination specific to an individual. 

We also did cooperation with Kloster Perneeg, Austria to conduct authentic Panchakarma and Yoga programmes which we have been successfully doing since last 7 years. I also started teaching and doing workshops for European Academy of Ayurveda in Birstein, Germany. In 2017, with addition of Mag. Marion Malle in our team, we formed our new company E5 Ayurveda Research OG.

In 2018, with partnership with of Dr. Sreejesh, we started One Cure Herbs GmBH. The goal is to do research on European herbs and development of new products using Ayurvedic principles.

Along with this I have been conducting numerous Ayurveda workshops and seminar for students, public and companies in India and Europe.

My personal and professional life in the last 20yrs has drastically increased my perception into life and the world we live in. It also brought clarity in my life to follow what I consider my Dharma ( Duty) to this society and to the world, which is to simplify the essence of life in a language understandable to every one, using the tools of Science & Spirituality. To bring both inner and outer well-being.

At present I am working on building a research institute in Europe to do  fundamental research in the fields of Ayurveda & Yoga. My aim is to promote preventive health care measures with special emphasis on the necessity to change or modify life style and the need for self awareness.

I believe that humanity can blossom to its full potential only if we surpass our differences and look each other as our own extensions, connected and united. To become healthy, happy and a responsible human being on our beautiful planet and beyond.


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  • Clinical Ayurvedic Medicin
  • Master Health Sciences in Bangalore


Dr. (Ind.) Vinayak Nair
Stubenring 14/10-11
A-1010 Wien
Österreich Ost

Tel: 0043 664 913 98 81

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